Afro Moses postponed Over 30 Concerts in abroad due to Covid19


Ghanaian multi instrumentalist, Hilife and Afro beat legend Afro Moses arguably Africa’s greatest musician with countless awards.

He is highly rated and tagged as the moses in Ghana music industry as he has saved the image of Ghana music on international market and has  represented Ghana on international platforms and his records can only be compared to legends like lucky dubey  , Fella Kuti,culture, Alpha blonde and many highly recognized music legend.

For over decades of touring the world with his unique music style and cultural personal projection his life continues to be a focus of intellectual discussion, his music remains an edifying staple, and every few years a new book about his life surfaces.

He won the fontonfrom  music night awards in the year 2001 at Ghana Music Awards

The musician now seem to be disappointed whiles he has lost most of his upcoming concert which most are international festivals and and other cultural events that are channelled in promoting unity and pan Africa culture.

He had really lived to proudly promote the Ghana Flag to the world and his song choboi can never be forgotten in history of Ghana music as it has been a national sound track at many national event.

According to Afro Moses the global pandemic has really affected him mercesly but he still believes the authorities and the world health organisation will surely make things fine at the right time he says.


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