Davison band UK dedicates maiden song ‘Bisa Nyame’ to Jazz FM in Uk

Highly gifted ace Ghanaian Band founder Charles Davison AKA Kwaku Nyame the CEO of Davison Band UK has confirmed to joynews that their hit single song dubbed Bisa Nyame is a special dedication to Jazz FM in UK.

CHARLES DAVISON who has born and raised in Ghana west african and has played and performed on various big concert across Africa later relocated to the UK with the aim to expand his wings and promote authentic africa Africa hilife music to the world through the United Kingdom globally accepted media such as the Jazz FM and the BBC.

Incase you dont know Charles Davison is a typical Ghanaian and a proud african cultural activist who is a key figure in the development of hilife and band music and has blended content and dance rhythms as a medium for social protest.

A press statement release by the Davison Band claims he was inspired by the legendary Amakye Dede a Ghanaian multiple awards wining hilife music star who is crown as the king of band music in Ghana, Amakye Dede officially introduced me into the band music and did really thought me so well to better my musical potential which rose my passion to a profession.

Davison Band today is an inspiration from Amakye Dede,Osibisa,Western Diamonds and more and it is labelled as the best international band in Europe representing Ghana at large.

Davison band UK has an unprecedented events records in the UK and has played for almost all the five star highly recognized musicians who comes to the UK for a concert.

Their major target is to train more talent, whiles he has recruited so many talent whiles in the UK and even more looking up to fish out more talent to help maintain the hilife music legacy in the history of Ghana Music


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