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Dupree Koual, born on the 8th of May 1980 in Cameroon, a country in the West-Central part of Africa to


Dupree Koual, born on the 8th of May 1980 in Cameroon, a country in the West-Central part of Africa to Mr. David Koual, a mechanical engineer and to Mrs. Emilienne Nigwe, an interior decorator designer. He grew up living between Cameroon, Nigeria and Spain, hence giving him exposure and experience in both life; its positives and negatives and as well as his field of interest. Being a boy, he accumulated the habit of listening to reggae music and watching Indian movies from the library of his elder brother in the person Western Burning, a reggae musician. With someone to direct and motivate him in his determination to become that renowned person, he was easily driven into the art of singing and acting which he made his priority to further no matter the setbacks and hindrances.

Dupree Koual holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts and Media which he acquired from the New York Film Academy of Mumbai (NYFA) located in Mumbai, India. Koual at a very tender age which specifically is at the age of fifteen (15) in 1995 played his very role in a French movie titled, “Les Dreammers” a film written by Emmanuel Nkuate. Two years, at the age of seventeen (17), his group and himself made the stage and were well known and labeled as the best RAP artist in the Western Region of Cameroon during a rap competition organized by the British- American Tobacco which happened to be the stepping stone of his career and a very successful one at that.

Mr. Koual’s career consists of him being an Actor, Artist a Television Presenter, Director, Producer, Songwriter, Brand Ambassador, Radio Manager and also a Well-Respected Social Leader in his country. Mr. Koual starred in the film ‘BAD ANGEL’ which so far has being rated as the longest series filmed in Central Africa consisting of six (6) seasons and three hundred and twelve (312) episodes.

Dupree Koual, one of the pioneers and prime movers to push the Hip-hop culture and also one of the first entrepreneurs to organize Hip-hop shows in Cameroon back in the 90s. Aside that as well, is being the first person to present these shows on television of which he was the presenter in Cameroon. Even at the age of 38, he still has a lot to bring to us, his country, Africa and the world at large through his good looks, his inexhaustible talent and enthusiastic nature and his boyish charm. Currently his main focus is on the production, management and branding of young talented and dedicated artistes in the industry both the Movie and Music Industry.

During his time of time and his period of fame, he gathered a couple of awards which a few have been listed below:

  1. Best Hip-hop artist by B.A.T (British American Tobacco) in 1995
  2. Best uprising actor by Red Feather Award in 2016

DUPREE KOUAL currently works with real touch records, a distrbution label in Australia

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