Efe Keyz Stuns On The Latest FashionGHANA Magazine Cover Underrated

Ghanaian songstress Efe Keyz covers the latest edition of Magazine. The editors believed the ‘Casanova’ and ‘Juju’ hit maker was the perfect for the cover of this issue.

In this internet age there are lots of talents in every corner working to make it. Somewhere inbetween those that are out there and those trying to make it, are the ‘Underrated’. A class of highly skilled people building their own audience and their own fan base irregardless of institutional support.

Efe Keyz is one talented singer that has made an extensive amount of unforgettable music, and performed on numerous stages. With no major financial backing, she has managed to become a highly recognized name in the industry but yet to be embraced by the mainstream media as one of Ghana’s golden singers.

This is also a current summary of the African fashion scene. A force that is not only underrated but also underestimated. has documented the ups and downs of the Ghanaian fashion industry and day to day witnessed talent rise and fall. From models to designer and more. However, despite the limitations and lack of international coverage, African fashion is still the most appreciated generic fashion in the world today.

FashionGHANA efforts to constantly push African print fashion and brands has created worldwide storm of African loving fashionistas around the world. Yet still many, even in Accra, continue to doubt the influence of their own home grown journalist and media produce. The Underrated issue summarizes the term of FashionGHANA exploring many more underrated talents in Ghana and bringing them to the forefront of the international fashion scene.


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