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Ghanaian Guys: Here Are 5 Reasons Why Your Girlfriend Cries Anytime You Chop Her Tonga

Generally, s3x is an act where both parties should be getting pleasure out of. However, there are circumstances where only one party is the one enjoying all the pleasure, and mostly the guys.

Some ladies no matter all the styles and tricks you pull on them to make them enjoy the act always don’t see it pleasurable and are always crying.

Well, in today’s lifestyle section, we are dissecting and delving into why your girlfriend cries anytime, you are having s3xual intercourse with her.

At times, guys in that situation wonder what actually they’re doing wrong. So, below are some reasons why;

1.It Hurts

Well, there are occasions where it actually may be hurting her and as a result she cannot help it but to start cry.

In such a situation, it’s better you the guy stop whatever action or style you are in, and find out why she’s feeling that way.

Probably, you are doing too fast, and need to slow down or maybe some lubricate may help reduce the pain.

2.She’s Grieving  

Also, it could be that something happened to her and she’s sad.

And unfortunately during the act, she remembered. It happens grief can strike anywhere even while you’re also striking.

3.She’s Happy

There’s nothing awkward than tears of joy during s3x. But maybe it’s been a while for her and she can’t believe she’s finally getting some.

Your strokes have opened the floodgates, just let her rain.

4.She’s Hormonal 

Maybe it’s PMS or maybe she’s pregnant but sometimes hormones can go down and trigger a waterfall, it has nothing to do with you and what’s ensuing.

It’s definitely a “her” thing, relax and make her feel loved.

5.She’s Feeling Guilty

It could probably be that she was into you banging her tonga until the thought of her parents or something slip into her mind.

In that situation, things begin to sideways and she starts feeling guilty.

However, reassure her that everything is fine and you are in it with her. Be a good bae and go through the tears with her.

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