Going Solo Was A Colossal Mistake – Praye

The Musical trio Praye is back and for good this time around. We can confidently say they suffered apart than they ever did together career-wise. The trio says breaking up was a colossal mistake in their lives and this is why.

“…As I said earlier, the break up was one of the biggest setbacks in our music careers but that notwithstanding, we have learnt the lessons and are moving on. We can’t continue holding on to the past because the future holds a lot of promises that the bitter past,” Praye Tietia revealed in an interview with Showbiz.

The truth is that what we sought to achieve as solo artists could never happen compared to how we performed as a group. At least, everyone knows that we need each other’s strength to excel so nobody will feel superior over the other.

“If in times past, I thought I was the best or any other member exhibited that, we know our real size now and as we get back together again, we would appreciate everyone’s input. Seven years is long enough to right the wrongs in our lives.” he added.



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