Legalizing ‘Payola’ Will help Musicians –Gospel Musician

Legalizing ‘Payola’ Will help Musicians –Gospel Musician

Ohenewaa Agyemang, a London based Gospel musician has said that legalizing ‘Payola’ will be beneficial

Ohenewaa made this assertion during the unveiling of her third album titled ‘Ebenezer’.

Speaking in an interview, she said that taking or giving ‘Payola’ does not go against the teachings of Bible, adding that DJs must benefit from the work they do.

She continued that the Ghanaian music industry not being well organized to give the necessary royalties to artistes and remunerate the DJs properly, is the reason they tend to extort money from artistes.

She added that in Europe musicians who produce their own songs are paid before the music is even played on air but it’s the opposite in Ghana.

“That is the system in Ghana and I think we have to officially admit it so musicians can really budget well for DJs because if you don’t pay, your songs will not go anywhere “, Ohenewaa Agyemang said.

Source: Susan Amoako Agyemang

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