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O2 Arena Concert: I paid N24m As Fine For Time Extension - Davido

O2 Arena Concert: I paid N24m As Fine For Time Extension – Davido

For me it’s about always elevating the movement with every step taken! January 27th will be historic! Queen Elizabeth herself go know say we dey town! Don’t just hear about it! Be a part of greatness!” – these were the words of Davido prior to his much publicized concert at the O2 Arena.

Based on this vow and his eagerness to prove a point to the world, the musician says he had to pay a fine of £50,000 (N23,877,129) for managers of the O2 Arena to extend the time in order to have the venue filled before he mounted the stage.

“They said I gotta get on stage by 8, and I said alright and then by 8 o’clock, my boy come tell me that ‘brother you can’t go on stage right now’ and I say ‘what you mean’? He said ‘brother everybody is still walking around’. I looked at the stadium, half empty,” the musician said on Hot 97 FM.

Knowing the negative publicity and the backlash that will hit him should he fail, Davido says he inquired how much it will cost for time extension and was even prepared to pay more.

He said: “Me, the way I know my people, people want me to fail. If I go on that stage that place is half empty, somebody will take that picture and that picture will go farther than anything.

“I waited till that place was filled. I waited for about an hour and thirty before we started. I’d rather pay the fine because people don’t want you to win. Negativity goes way farther than positivity.”

Davido after a successful show has received commendation from several industry players including Jamaican musician and record producer Sean Paul.


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