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Obrafour Was The First To take Me To The Studio – Da’ Hammer

Obrafour Was The First To take Me To The Studio – Da’ Hammer

It is always fascinating when you get to know the actual and true story of the rise of the celebrity household names in Ghana.

Da’ Hammer of the last 2 has opened revealed how he became the beatmaker and producer of all time and who pulled him into the music industry.

Over the years Hammer has been seen as a big shot music genius in Ghana with a lot of experience in the industry

Speaking e.TV Ghana’s ‘The Late Nite Celebrity Show’ the legend beatmaker who has brought up great hiplife artistes into the limelight revealed how it all begun, debunking all the assumptions about how he came into the music industry.

He told the host of the award-winning celebrity show, Foster Romanus that he did not know how a studio looked like.

“Obrafour was reason why i saw a studio for the first time. Obrafour took me to the studio,” he said.

Reacting to the assumption that he worked with Obrafour in his own studio he said “eiii no no no…..where I go take studio for? I was drumming on tables. He (Obrafour) was rapping and I was drumming on tables.

“There is this deep freezer in my parents’ home it has the best kick ever so when I hit it ‘bumb’ and I use my knuckles for the snare so I will be drumming. It was beautiful that all we did. I was using my mouth for the bass and he will be rapping.”

According to the narration, Obrafour was already deep into making music with a couple of demos yet he seemed to like the sound and intuition from Hammer of the Last 2.

“So he was like Hammer I go take you go somewhere you go fi do, and I was like I beg oooo I don’t know what you talking about.”

“So he took me to the studio and insisted that I could do it and I did it”

Hammer at that time did not have any experience, talk of knowledge of how a studio works and how to generate a single beat. Obrafour, on the other hand, had faith and believed in the capabilities of Hammer so he put his album and career on the line for him.

“I did not know how to do anything. I didn’t have any experience, I did not know what a studio looked like.

You see he put his album on the line because his executive producers expected a professional who he was gonna pay money and here you were saying that this man can do it.”

Narrating how the conversation went between Obrafour and the executive producer, Hammer said.

Executive producer: “So how is he going to do it?”

Obrafour: “Oh he will do it trust me he can do it, I know his mind he can do it.Just show him what to do, he can do it.”

“So that is how He put his album and his career on the line for me and I delivered.”

“We started everything from scratch. Obrafour shelved all the work he had done and we started from a clean table,” he added.

Source: Susan Amoako Agyemang

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