Patapaa To collaborate With Weefuor Teacher

The head of Patupa soldiers, Patapaa has disclosed that he has interest in collaborating with “Wee Fuor” teacher.

For the past weeks, a viral video surfaced on the internet with a man who calls himself “Wee-fuor teacher” ( teacher of WEED smokers) saying that the habit of smoking weed is a call from God.

His utterances caught the eyes of many and Patapaa is no different.

Speaking on SVTV AFRICA, Patapaa showed interest in featuring Wee fuor teacher on one of his songs.

According to him, the man’s words are of great sense and advice and asked Ghanaians to pay heed to his words.

“Whatever WEE Fuor teacher is saying is from God and there’s no harm or big deal in what he’s saying.” Patapeezy said

The “one corner” hit maker added that he supports the plea of the Wee Presidents asking for the herb to be legalized in the country.

“If God hasn’t called you to smoke weed you can’t indulge in the act, anyone who has gone mad from smoking weed had encountered bad luck from his home.” Patapaa added.


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