PHOTOS: Piikae’s End Drug Abuse Campaign With Huni Vass Student

The C,E,O, of Piikae Promotion, Emmanuel Amponsah , who is takoradi based blogger well known as Piikae Launch the maiden edition of his Anti Drug Abuse Campaign Tour  with

Huni Velley Senior High School Yesterday.

Great Dignities were invited to share their knowledge on the use of drug abuse, and also invited performing artist to entertain the student after the Talk from the guest.
Piikae was the first person to talk on the aims for the program.
Am ever grateful to have you all here to learn something about the use of unprescribed drugs in our community and help to reduce the rapid use of this harmful drugs among the youth, say Piikae.
He concluded it by urging the student to give him and the Guest all the maximum cooperation to make this successful.
Mr John Enimil popularly known as Black in Huni Valley Community was invited with his wife, Doctor Abubakari Sadick Ibrahim From Tarkwa Government Hospital was also there to educate the student on Drug Abuse.
John Enimil in his speech told the student to stay away from Drug abuse to make their future better and also avoid their selves from having a problem with him as he continue with his arrest of drug users in some communities in the prestea huni valley constituency.
 I, being a supervisor of the security department at Goldfields Ghana Limited Damang site , we ensure that the company does not employ any one who is a harmful drug user regardless of your certificate and the work applied for, says John Enimil.
He concluded it by saying, am going to connect with the school authorities and the securities to help fish out all the indiscipline student and most especially drug users.
Mrs Patient Enimil, The wife of Mr John Enimil was also given the platform to share a word with the student.
She introduced herself as old student of this noble institution, She continued by begging the student by pleading the student to focus on their books as their main for being on campus and stay far away from harmful drugs.
She concluded her speech by given a life experience of a man who lost a contract he has been working on it for 10years because he was tested as drug user.
The program continued with a lot of performances from the student, Level 12 Music Group other artist and the undisputed DJ called DjthreePoint from cape coast.
Doctor Sadick Mubarak Ibrahim also started his speech with the types and it’s effect.
He explained how dangerous some drug we have been using can be to our health without knowing, He mention of Paracetamol which is one of the common drug we take in for our first aid.
It will be better for your to avoid buying drugs from unqualified  doctors to help with this campaign. he says.
Dr Abubakari Sadick Ibrahim mentioned headache, dizziness, drowsiness, feelings of nervousness or anxiety, noisy breathing, a slow heart rate or weak pulse, infertility, missed menstrual periods, impotence, sexual problems and loss of interest in sex, as some of the side effects of   drug abuse especially Tramadol abuse.
He warned that the combination of tramadol and alcohol or other drugs could cause threatening or even fatal side effects, explaining that both alcohol and tramadol were central nervous system depressants, and both were agents that slowed down brain activity and function.
Dr Abubakari Sadick Ibrahim said the mix-up could lead to confusion, loss of consciousness, brain damage, tramadol and drug dependence, liver and kidney diseases, respiratory depression, increased depression and suicidal tendencies.
“I want to draw your attention also to another increasing threat in Ghana; a current trend in tobacco smoking by water pipe popularly called Shisha,” he said, and explained that he was bringing that to the attention of the public so that they could be on the lookout for other similar problems.
Dr Abubakari Sadick Ibrahim, however, said unscrupulous importers were peddling the drug with a dosage strength of 250 milligrammes.
He pointed out that 250 milligrammes was more than twice the maximum dosage strength, leaving those who took them with the danger of addiction, which could lead to heart failure, respiratory problems, coma and death.
 Dr Abubakari Sadick Ibrahim said the medical benefits of tramadol could quickly become harmful when it was not taken as prescribed, especially where it was taken for recreational purposes.


“Excess amount, regular use or overuse can cause side effects, many of which can be dangerous and may affect the brain in ways very similar to illegal or narcotic drugs,” he stated, adding that generally, tramadol should not be given to children younger than 16 years.



He concluded his speech by giving a strong warning on the use of herbal life and how harmful some of this herbs are to our health.

He explained that, though the food and drug boards has endorsed some of this drugs and are allowed to be sold outside but there are not good  machines in our country to take out the harmful chemicals out from this drugs before sold, and this makes it unsafe for the health.


Piikae also use the platform to seek financial support from individuals, companies and institutions to support this project as the team continue with the next school.


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