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Right Now We Don’t Have Hip Life – Barima Sidney

Controversial hip life rapper Barima Sidney has shockingly revealed that there is nothing hip life in the current Ghanaian music industry.

Sidney who is among the pioneers of the genre in an interview with Amansan Krakye on Radio Central bemoaned that Ghanaian artists have thrown away the hip life which was about to be accepted by the world and now doing commercial music.

“Right now we don’t have hip life. There is nothing like hip life anymore”, he revealed.

According to the “Obiaa nye obiaa” hitmaker, the original hip life that was sang by Reggie Rockstone and the rest in the late 90s was a mixture of hip hop and high life. But nowadays people rap Twi on hip hop beats and they call it hip life, which is wrong.

“Originally, the definition we gave to hip life was a mixture of hip hop and a little bit of our high life, after that it doesn’t matter whether you will rap in Twi or Hausa. So it’s element of the beat, if it’s hip hop beat you have to feel some Amponsah rhythm in it. That’s combination of hip hop and high life so that’s what we started with.

As time went on we threw it away and started doing commercial music which I’m also guilty. Because a song like Scent No is not hip life but hip hop beat that I was rapping Twi on. The fact that you rap in Twi over any beat doesn’t mean you are doing hip life. It should be about the beat which is supposed to have element of our high life and hip hop. When you rap Twi on a hip hop beat it doesn’t make it hip life”, he explained.

He also revealed that we have dumped our hip life music for commercial songs.

“So the hip life we started and the world was about to accept it, we threw it away and started doing commercial music. I did ‘Africa Money’ which is on a different level altogether. We couldn’t hold hip life well so if today someone says he is doing hip life, I have to listen to see if it falls within the definition we gave to it”, he said.

“Rapping in Twi on any hip hop beat can’t be called hip life. When you do that you are doing hip hop and not hip life. So we have thrown hip life away long time”, Sidney insisted.

Now one might wonder the kind of songs Sarkodie, Guru, Yaa Pono, Opanka, Flowking Stone, Okyeame Kwame and the rest are doing.

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