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Sista Afia Works To Please Her Fans Not VGMA - Bossu Kule

Sista Afia Works To Please Her Fans Not VGMA – Bossu Kule

One of the many surprises in this years Vodafone Ghana Music Awards is the exception of “Slay Queen” Hitmaker Sista Afia

Many fans have expressed their disappointment on social media as to why her name wasn’t in the list

According to Bossu Kule, their main aim is to satisfy the fans but not to please board directors of the VGMA for nominations

In a discussion on KOFI Duah’s entertainment platform, Bossu Kule addressed vital and sensible issues to Charter House which he thinks if not well considered, will keep disregarding the image of VGMA every year

He said, before we release a song, aside the social media hype, interviews and all that, we plan on a promotional tour and travel the length and breadth of this country to make the fans feel our presence.

We have 16 regions in Ghana but sometimes after touring we feel it’s not enough for the fans we need to go to Nigeria, Cote D voire, guinea, etc to extend the promo.

Its not easy to drive 7-10 hours just for the love of the fans but at the end of it, you can tell we are not doing this for awards but the love of our followers

He told George Quaye to direct the following issue to board members of the VGMA, not to rely on sponsored video ads to pick nominations, rather get regional representatives in all 16 regions to give out names of artists doing well in their sector, instead of limiting their search to Accra only

He said these representatives will give out which artists songs are doing well, well known and are being loved by the communists. With this VGMA can boldly say this is an award for all Ghanaian musicians not what they are doing.

Sometimes you travel and they tell you, this artist pulled 5000 people when he came to this town and you ask, why is this musician not recognized? You ask which artist they want to see and the names they will mention will surprise you. Then VGMA brings out a list and only noise makers in Accra are awarded but the actual musicians won’t even be mentioned. It’s sad. If this happens we can never get to where we want to be as an entertainment body and will always be limited to 2 or 3 artists getting all the nominations.

George Quaye replies positively and confirmed the points raised make sense and will be worked on in their subsequent years.

Bossu Kule added, due to some reasons i personally dont like submitting for nominations or awards because of such outcomes but i will submit next year to the VGMA and see if indeed they will do their ground works well and nominate good musicians instead of relying on the attention seeking artists

Kwame Dadzie of Citi News, KOFI Duah of Graphic Showbiz, Dr Cann of Happy FM, Dan Lartey of Remedy Entertainment and few entertainment representatives were also surprised Sista Afia wasn’t nominated especially in the female vocalist category.

George Quaye said, we (VGMA) will keep getting better. With this being said, We hope to see more positive feedback in the future.


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