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Someone Wanted To Kill Righteous Vandyke Of Adom's Nsroma Fame - Instructor Tells A Sad Story

Someone Wanted To Kill Righteous Vandyke Of Adom’s Nsroma Fame – Instructor Tells A Sad Story

Righteous Vandyke Owusu Frimpong is a native of Apam a very talented one interms of music and dancing. He is a student of Ekos Academy

Righteous is now trending all because of Adom TV nsoroma Many thanks to them. Before this program begun, the Mother wanted his boy to take part in this competition but the situation was there was no money, she toiled hard from her little earnings and she picked the nomination form for the boy Immediately he passed through successful Bro. Fiifi, a pastor of Church of Christ and Mr. Obeng threw a massive support to the boy…. Not leaving the school in which he is attending. Due to school activities,

The mother and these personalities above consulted me to help the boy in learning of the music he might be singing each Sunday….. I took this in Good faith and there was no single day that I don’t avail myself to help Righteous We had no studio, we had no organ, we had no mic I mean not even even in a building that we rehearse but under a tree. What we does was, after we have finalised what he is going to sing….. I have to download the song, u can bear with me getting lyrics of these old songs is not easy. I have to soak my ears in earphones to be able to get each word perfectly. After that I write the song for him and also assist him in words pronunciations. Immediately they introduce the voting aspect, what Righteous told me was “Eeeei Sir this voting di3 before we vote 20gh and already some people’s parent have votes 200 million”.

I looked at my boy and said don’t worry u are still a HERO if u are evicted. That didn’t end there, it came a time costume he will be wearing to stage was a problem, thanks to Mama Jane who helped Righteous in terms of clothing….. Even what Righteous is wearing as u see in the picture is a cloth given to him by by a relative when he was 6 years old The mother kept it to this level and he rocked it. Anytime we are training sometimes what he tell me,

Sir as for this song is very difficult and I have to push harder and harder to the extend (him) sharing tears. Righteous is a testimony now, indeed a Zero to HERO….. There came a time when a certain person called the mother on phone and tell her the son is going to die if he dare wins the competition. The mum being so timid told the boy to leave the stage as he will be performing so they evict him…. With hard explanations I spoke to the mum and the child that nothing is going to happen to him…. I will even put my life of this For Righteous to die, let me die instead cus he is my inspirational. On the last Thursday to end the competition Righteous told the mum, Maa if I don’t see Sir Muggies for the lyrics am not going to sing.

There the mother have to bring him back to apam only to get the lyrics from me….. And I never disappointed my boy….. When he was leaving he told me Sir pls a lot of people are coming there so will u come? I stood there for some minutes and told him “My boy u are going to win this competition and I will hug u on stage” I never disappointed my boy,

I did it as I said. #Righteous The God who changed Japhtha’s destiny has located u. I know u are a Kid but what I will tell u is always don’t forget where u came from Much love.

Written by: Shadrach Ewuah Quansah Musical Instructor of Righteous Vandyke

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