I will always choose Reverend Obofour over any Pastor in Ghana – Sleeky

Event promoter and showbiz critic sadick assah known widely as Sleeky Promotions has decided to disclose where he belongs to by revealing his favourite man of God.

Sleeky, who is noticed as a controversial and he hardly believes in these trendy Ghanaian preachers have yesterday confirmed to that the founder of the Annointed Palace Chapel Reverend Obofour is more powerful and genuine than most self acclaimed men of God.

He explained, I have  been misleaded initially by the trolls of many Facebook bloggers about the negative post they usually post about Obofour until i personally did my own research and started following him and his works he said.

Sleeky claims, Obofour is not just spiritually powerful but he is also a saviour of life, Aside the work of God, His preaching is full of content, He is a human with heart and he consider always helping the needy.  Sleeky confirms he doesn’t belong to any church at the moment but he is now heading straight to the APC church to worship with them he says.



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